OMR Sheet Template

OMR Sheet Templates created for OMR software are printed on Plain white printer paper and can be scanned with your regular scanner.

The scanned images can be automatically processed with Optical Mark Recognition Software template can be designed with the layout you want, including images and text on the same page as the response bubbles.

Because of this flexibilty and the fact that the pages can be printed on plain paper, forms can be scanned with a regular document scanner and used to automatically collect responses from all types of multiple choice or single choice response sheets.

With old OMR reader technology, answer sheets were used to save on the cost of the specially printed omr sheets which had to be bought using with the machines. This made Optical Mark Recognition unsuitable to use for forms that contained the written questions along side the checkbox answer bubbles.

Paper OMR Forms created for OMR software, such as satisfaction surveys, and assessment questionnaires, conference evaluations or personality tests can include the text alongside the checkbox response bubbles.

Scanning to Automatically collect the responses is cost effective because they can be printed on plain paper with a regular printer, scanned with a regular scanner and the answer responses collected automatically with OMR software on a PC or laptop computer.

Using the built in OMR template editor, a compatible OMR template is designed to be recognised by optical mark recognition software. A barcode is added to the template which will generate a unique barcode on each printed page for identification of the page by the software. Special location barcodes are automatically generated and used by optical mark recognition software, for locating where the checkboxes appear on the omr sheet pages. Optical Mark Recognition Sheets can be custom designed by the user for exams, tests, healthcare assessments, customer surveys, patient surveys, pain management assessments, checklists, ballot forms, Quality Assurance and Quality Control forms, order forms etc.

Download and Print some free OMR templates that can be used with a free download of software based optical mark recognition.

OMR Answer Sheets for Exams and Tests

100 Question OMR Sheet

OMR sheets used for tests and exams are called bubble answer sheets and only contain the checkbox bubbles for filling in multiple choice question answers.

OMR sheets are scanned and saved on a computer then processed with optical mark recognition to automate the collection of the checkbox values (A,B,C,D) which were filled in response to multiple choice questions.

Captured Checkbox value data

Optical mark recognition captures filled in checkbox values from scanned omr sheets.

OMR Sheet Template Design

An OMR sheet template is designed to be recognized by optical mark recognition before printing the plain paper omr sheets from the template. Being able to design and print your own OMR sheets is a lot less expensive than buying them, and the OMR sheet can be designed with any layout you choose, depending on the kind of information being collected and who will be filling in the forms.

OMR template designer

An OMR sheet Editor is used for creating the template for printing bubble sheets, answer sheets and other types of checkbox response forms, which can be recognized by optical mark recognition.

The main components of the OMR sheet which will be read by optical mark recognition are the checkbox bubbles and barcodes which are used for form identification.

Detected checkboxes and barcodes

Screenshot: When Checkboxes and barcodes are added to the template with the OMR sheet Editor, they are immediately detected by the optical mark recognition software. This tests the template before printing the OMR sheets.

If the OMR sheet template is to be used for exams or tests, a score for the correct answers can be pre assigned to capture a form score when the OMR sheets are processed by optical mark recognition.

Aggregation Rule example

An answer key rule is set for each question to capture a score when the correct checkbox contains a response mark.

OMR Questionnaire Sheets for Surveys and Assessments

OMR Sheet Survey

OMR Sheet Assessment

OMR sheets used for surveys, assessments, checklists and other checkbox response forms can be designed to include the question text alongside the checkbox bubbles. The printed OMR sheets can be scanned to automatically detect and capture the filled in checkbox bubbles with optical mark recognition.

Printable OMR Sheets

With the advent of software based optical mark recognition which is used on a computer OMR sheets can be printed onto plain white paper from an omr template and used for automatically collecting peoples responses to closed end questions or statements. It is better to use white paper rather than colored paper because the pages must be scanned before they are processed with optical mark recognition. This is a much less expensive option over the ongoing costs of the specially printed forms used with the traditional optical mark readers.

Samples of OMR sheet Templates, are free to download and print and use with a free trial of OMR scanning software ( Available on the Download Page ) to automatically collect the OMR sheet response data.

Shading OMR Sheet Bubbles

Because scanned images of OMR sheets will not always be as clear as the original sheets, the respondents of OMR sheets must use a dark pen or pencil and fully shade in the checkbox bubbles. When the pages are scanned dark marks in the shaded checkboxes will be more accurately detected by optical mark recognition.

Scanned OMR sheet detection

A shaded checkbox may not be detected accurately if there are not enough black pixels counted in comparison to the unshaded checkboxes.

optical mark recognition checkboxes